Commit e537bd91 authored by Jamie Snape's avatar Jamie Snape

ctest_memcheck: do not add detect_leaks=1 to ASAN_OPTIONS

parent 0a2e5885
Pipeline #41600 passed with stage
......@@ -4,6 +4,11 @@ ctest_memcheck-leak_sanitizer
* The :command:`ctest_memcheck` command learned to support ``LeakSanitizer``
independently from ``AddressSanitizer``.
* The :command:`ctest_memcheck` command no longer automatically adds
``leak_check=1`` to the options used by ``AddressSanitizer``. The default
behavior of ``AddressSanitizer`` is to run `LeakSanitizer` to check leaks
unless ``leak_check=0``.
* The :command:`ctest_memcheck` command learned to read the location of
suppressions files for sanitizers from the
......@@ -618,7 +618,6 @@ bool cmCTestMemCheckHandler::InitializeMemoryChecking()
if (this->MemoryTesterStyle ==
cmCTestMemCheckHandler::ADDRESS_SANITIZER) {
envVar = "ASAN_OPTIONS";
extraOptions += ":detect_leaks=1";
} else if (this->MemoryTesterStyle ==
cmCTestMemCheckHandler::LEAK_SANITIZER) {
envVar = "LSAN_OPTIONS";
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