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      cmake: install config-module · d2e68234
      Tamas Kenez authored
      Installs a config module if CMake verion >= 2.8.12.
      The config-module creates the import library targets
      built in the project (glew, glew_s, glewmx, glewmx_s)
      but in accordance with the FindGLEW module shipped with
      CMake, it also creates GLEW::GLEW and GLEW::GLEWMX.
      GLEW::GLEW and GLEW::GLEWMX will be simply copies of
      glew/glewmx or glew_s/glewmx_s. If both versions are
      available they alias the shared versions.
      The default behaviour can be changed either when installing
      or when using the package:
      - Set BUILD_SHARED_LIBS to OFF or ON when building and
        installing GLEW. This controls which libraries
        (shared or static) will be installed (and not which
        will be built).
      - Set GLEW_USE_STATIC_LIBS to OFF or ON before calling
        `find_package(GLEW CONFIG REQUIRED)` to force
        the config-module to create GLEW::GLEW and GLEWMX
        as aliases to glew/glewmx or glew_s/glewmx_s
      The script ./cmake-testbuild.sh is added to test the
      CMake build and config-module. See instructions there.
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