Commit e1815b27 authored by yy-yyaa's avatar yy-yyaa Committed by Nigel Stewart
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OpenGL 4.5 omissions - GetnUniformdv, GetnCompressedTexImage, CONTEXT_FLAG_ROBUST_ACCESS_BIT

parent 0cc7dd8c
GLenum glGetGraphicsResetStatus (void)
void glGetnTexImage (GLenum tex, GLint level, GLenum format, GLenum type, GLsizei bufSize, GLvoid *pixels)
void glGetnCompressedTexImage (GLenum target, GLint lod, GLsizei bufSize, GLvoid *pixels)
void glGetnUniformdv (GLuint program, GLint location, GLsizei bufSize, GLdouble *params)
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