Commit a790eb81 authored by Frank Park's avatar Frank Park
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Fixed a bug with shell script and added .gitattributes does not utilize the blacklist correctly with cygwin due
to the argument -name in find is not quoted. Argument *.txt has been
changed to "*.txt" to fix the issue.

Also, it is currently possible for windows users to pull the repo in
CRLF format which destroys the scripts and source files. .gitattributes
were added to prevent this issue.
parent bffebf81
* eol=lf
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -19,7 +19,8 @@ if [ ! -d $1 ] ; then
mkdir -p $1
# Parse each of the extensions in the registry
find $2 -name doc -type d -prune -o -name \*.txt -print | \
find $2 -name doc -type d -prune -o -name \
"*.txt" -print | \
grep -v -f $3 | sort | bin/ $1
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