Commit 6e29c50e authored by Nigel Stewart's avatar Nigel Stewart
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Filter out GL_FLOAT and GL_UNSIGNED_INT from GL_AMD_performance_monitor extension.

parent 65ff20ef
......@@ -367,6 +367,12 @@ EOT
void glProgramUniformMatrix4x3dvEXT (GLuint program, GLint location, GLsizei count, GLboolean transpose, const GLdouble *value)
# Filter out GL_UNSIGNED_INT and GL_FLOAT from GL_AMD_performance_monitor
grep -v 'GL_UNSIGNED_INT ' $1/GL_AMD_performance_monitor > tmp
mv tmp $1/GL_AMD_performance_monitor
grep -v 'GL_FLOAT ' $1/GL_AMD_performance_monitor > tmp
mv tmp $1/GL_AMD_performance_monitor
# clean up
rm -f $1/*.bak
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