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......@@ -196,6 +196,21 @@ Pasi Kärkkäinen identified and fixed several problems with
GLX and SDL. Nate Robins created the `wglinfo` utility, to
which modifications were made by Michael Wimmer.
## Contributions
GLEW welcomes community contributions. Typically these are co-ordinated
via [Issues]( or
[Pull Requests]( in the
GitHub web interface.
Be sure to mention platform and compiler toolchain details when filing
a bug report. The output of `glewinfo` can be quite useful for discussion
Generally GLEW is released once a year, around the time of the Siggraph
computer graphics conference. If you're not using the current release
version of GLEW, be sure to check if the issue or bug is fixed there.
## Copyright and Licensing
GLEW is originally derived from the EXTGL project by Lev Povalahev.
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