Commit 1ab282a9 authored by Nigel Stewart's avatar Nigel Stewart
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Clarify that Makefile STRIP= does not affect install step, which always strips

parent bbb23c53
......@@ -51,16 +51,17 @@ ifneq ($(GLEW_NO_GLU), -DGLEW_NO_GLU)
LIBGLU = glu
DIST_SRC_ZIP ?= $(shell pwd)/$(DIST_NAME).zip
DIST_SRC_TGZ ?= $(shell pwd)/$(DIST_NAME).tgz
DIST_WIN32 ?= $(shell pwd)/$(DIST_NAME)
DIST_DIR := $(shell mktemp -d /tmp/glew.XXXXXX)/$(DIST_NAME)
# To disable stripping of binaries either:
# To disable stripping of linked binaries either:
# - use STRIP= on gmake command-line
# - edit this makefile to set STRIP to the empty string
# (Note: STRIP does not affect the strip in the install step)
# To disable symlinks:
# - use LN= on gmake command-line
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