Commit 1682c7ae authored by Frank Park's avatar Frank Park
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Fixed a bug with shell script and added gitattributes to prevent non-binary pulls

Cygwin was unable to filter the specs files using the blacklist due to
the argument in find was -name *.txt instead of -name "*.txt" .

Also, it is currently possible to pull under windows to result in CRLF
line endings in scripts and other source files that destroy the build.
.gitattributes were added to prevent non-binary pulls.

Both issues are fixed with this pull request.
parent bffebf81
* binary
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -19,7 +19,8 @@ if [ ! -d $1 ] ; then
mkdir -p $1
# Parse each of the extensions in the registry
find $2 -name doc -type d -prune -o -name \*.txt -print | \
find $2 -name doc -type d -prune -o -name \
"*.txt" -print | \
grep -v -f $3 | sort | bin/ $1
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