Commit 15881f04 authored by Nigel Stewart's avatar Nigel Stewart
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EGL fixup for void parameter lists, additional defines

parent a7553519
......@@ -93,7 +93,10 @@ def writeExtension(f, name, extension, enums, commands):
f.write('\t%s %s\n'%(e[0], e[1]))
commands = [ (j, commands[j]) for j in extension[1] ]
for c in sorted(commands):
f.write('\t%s %s (%s)\n'%(c[1][0], c[0], ', '.join( [ '%s %s'%(j[0], j[1]) for j in c[1][1] ] )))
params = ', '.join( [ '%s %s'%(j[0], j[1]) for j in c[1][1] ] )
if len(params)==0:
params = ' void '
f.write('\t%s %s (%s)\n'%(c[1][0], c[0], params))
if __name__ == '__main__':
......@@ -66,6 +66,16 @@ typedef khronos_utime_nanoseconds_t EGLuint64NV;
struct EGLClientPixmapHI;
#define EGL_DONT_CARE ((EGLint)-1)
#define EGL_NO_CONTEXT ((EGLContext)0)
#define EGL_NO_DISPLAY ((EGLDisplay)0)
#define EGL_NO_IMAGE ((EGLImage)0)
#define EGL_NO_SURFACE ((EGLSurface)0)
#define EGL_NO_SYNC ((EGLSync)0)
#define EGL_UNKNOWN ((EGLint)-1)
#define EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY ((EGLNativeDisplayType)0)
EGLAPI __eglMustCastToProperFunctionPointerType EGLAPIENTRY eglGetProcAddress (const char *procname);
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