Commit cc09b214 authored by Kenneth Moreland's avatar Kenneth Moreland
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icetSingleImageCollect sometimes trying to decompress null sparse image.

parent 91e1cd6d
......@@ -475,10 +475,10 @@ void icetSingleImageCollect(const IceTSparseImage input_image,
icetCommGather(&piece_offset, 1, ICET_SIZE_TYPE, offsets, dest);
icetCommGather(&piece_size, 1, ICET_SIZE_TYPE, sizes, dest);
if ((piece_size > 0) || (rank == dest)) {
if (piece_size > 0) {
/* Decompress data into appropriate offset of result image. */
icetDecompressSubImage(input_image, piece_offset, result_image);
} else {
} else if (rank != dest) {
/* If this function is called for multiple collections, it is likely
that the local process will not have data for all collections. To
prevent making the calling function allocate an image buffer when it
......@@ -490,6 +490,10 @@ void icetSingleImageCollect(const IceTSparseImage input_image,
result_image = icetImageAssignBuffer(dummy_buffer, 0, 0);
} else {
/* Collecting data at empty process. We still want to use the provided
result_image, but we have nothing of our own to put in it. Thus, do
nothing. */
/* Adjust image for output as some buffers, such as depth, might be
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