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icetSendRecvLargeMessages no longer stores all masks for all processes.

The method did an all gather that collected on each process masks for
all processes for what processes it gets messages.  This takes n^2
where n is the number of processes.  For large numbers of processes,
that gets really big.  This change uses all to all to collect only
which messages the local process gets.
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......@@ -103,3 +103,5 @@ Const versions of icetImageGetColor* and icetImageGetDepth* functions.
Added Alltoall to communicator. (Search for Allgather for places to add in
icetSendRecvLargeMessages takes const array for messageDestinations.
......@@ -365,8 +365,9 @@ ICET_EXPORT void icetDiagnostics(IceTBitField mask);
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......@@ -96,8 +96,10 @@ void icetRenderTransferSparseImages(IceTSparseImage compositeImage1,
messageDestinations - An array of size numMessagesSending that contains
the ranks of message destinations.
messagesInOrder - If true, then messages will be received in the order
specified by the ICET_PROCESS_ORDERS state variable. If false,
messages may come in an arbitrary order.
specified by the ICET_PROCESS_ORDERS state variable. The locally
generated message will come in first, followed by messages adjacent to
either the left or right. If messagesInOrder is false, messages may
come in an arbitrary order.
generateDataFunc - A callback function that generates messages. The
function is given the index in messageDestinations and the rank of
the destination as arguments. The data of the message and the size
......@@ -118,7 +120,7 @@ typedef IceTVoid *(*IceTGenerateData)(IceTInt id, IceTInt dest,
IceTSizeType *size);
typedef void (*IceTHandleData)(void *buffer, IceTInt src);
void icetSendRecvLargeMessages(IceTInt numMessagesSending,
IceTInt *messageDestinations,
const IceTInt *messageDestinations,
IceTBoolean messagesInOrder,
IceTGenerateData generateDataFunc,
IceTHandleData handleDataFunc,
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