Commit a511d177 authored by Kenneth Moreland's avatar Kenneth Moreland
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Fix timing for compressed-compressed composite.

parent 583ff836
......@@ -1891,19 +1891,14 @@ void icetCompressedCompressedComposite(const IceTSparseImage front_buffer,
const IceTSparseImage back_buffer,
IceTSparseImage dest_buffer)
IceTDouble timer;
IceTDouble compare_time;
icetGetDoublev(ICET_COMPARE_TIME, &compare_time);
timer = icetWallTime();
#define FRONT_SPARSE_IMAGE front_buffer
#define BACK_SPARSE_IMAGE back_buffer
#define DEST_SPARSE_IMAGE dest_buffer
#include "cc_composite_func_body.h"
compare_time += icetWallTime() - timer;
icetStateSetInteger(ICET_COMPARE_TIME, compare_time);
static IceTImage renderTile(int tile,
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