Commit 90ca8a91 authored by Kenneth Moreland's avatar Kenneth Moreland

Turn of interlacing when testing dense images

When you render a dense image, the load balancing should be pretty
even. At any rate, it probably won't help to shift around pixels when
there are the same amount of pixels everywhere, so ultimately this
is a waste of time.
parent 6ed42886
......@@ -211,6 +211,8 @@ static void parse_arguments(int argc, char *argv[])
g_use_callback = ICET_TRUE;
} else if (strcmp(argv[arg], "-dense-images") == 0) {
g_dense_images = ICET_TRUE;
/* Turn of interlacing. It won't help here. */
g_no_interlace = ICET_TRUE;
} else if (strcmp(argv[arg], "-sync-render") == 0) {
g_sync_render = ICET_TRUE;
} else if (strcmp(argv[arg], "-write-image") == 0) {
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