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Added to documentation description of...

- ICET_MAGIC_K and ICET_MAX_IMAGE_SPLIT CMake, env, & IceT variables.
- icetCompressedCompressedComposite.
- Sparse image copy and split.
- Image interlacing.
- Image equal functions.
- icetDecompressSubImage.
- icetRenderTransferSparseImages.
- Sparse image null functions.
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ICET_MAGIC_K state variable, CMake variable, and environment variable.
icetImageEqual, icetSparseImageEqual
icetSparseImageNull, icetSparseImageIsNull
icetUnsafeStateGet* now return const
ICET_MAGIC_K environment variable, cmake variable, state variable
ICET_COLLECT_TIME: The fraction of ICET_COMPOSITE_TIME spent in collecting
image fragments to display process.
......@@ -59,8 +35,6 @@ and ICET_VALID_PIXELS_NUM is the number of pixels in the image), and all
other processes have no pixel data. Strategies taking advantage of turning
off ICET_COLLECT_IMAGES should set this.
ICET_MAX_IMAGE_SPLIT environment variable, cmake variable, state variable
All the matrix math helpers icetMatrix* in IceTDevMatrix.h
Const versions of icetImageGetColor* and icetImageGetDepth* functions.
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