Commit 29631abd authored by Kenneth Moreland's avatar Kenneth Moreland

Fix the 2-3 factor scaling in SimpleTiming trying too small groups

The 2-3 factor scaling routine in SimpleTiming was not properly checking
that the group size was large enough to handle the number of tiles used.
This didn't cause any real problems but caused the test to report failure
even though nothing really went wrong. Fixed that problem.
parent 41bab54c
......@@ -1355,6 +1355,7 @@ static int SimpleTimingDoScalingStudyFactor2_3()
while (ICET_TRUE) {
IceTInt last_size;
IceTInt last_rank;
IceTInt this_size;
IceTCommunicator comm_third;
IceTCommunicator comm_two_thirds;
IceTContext old_context = icetGetContext();
......@@ -1362,8 +1363,9 @@ static int SimpleTimingDoScalingStudyFactor2_3()
icetGetIntegerv(ICET_NUM_PROCESSES, &last_size);
icetGetIntegerv(ICET_RANK, &last_rank);
this_size = last_size/3;
if (last_size%9 != 0) {
if (this_size%3 != 0) {
// Next smallest comms have no factors of 3. Must be only
// factors of two, and we have done that.
......@@ -1372,16 +1374,22 @@ static int SimpleTimingDoScalingStudyFactor2_3()
// By simple factoring, we can split the last communicator into one
// piece a third of its size and another peice 2/3 the size, and
// those combined will use all the processes.
comm_third = MakeCommSubset(last_size/3, 0);
comm_two_thirds = MakeCommSubset(2*last_size/3, last_size/3);
comm_third = MakeCommSubset(this_size, 0);
comm_two_thirds = MakeCommSubset(2*this_size, this_size);
if (last_rank < last_size/3) {
if (last_rank < this_size) {
} else {
this_size *= 2;
if (this_size < min_size) {
// Group has gotten too small to handle these tiles.
result = SimpleTimingDoParameterStudies();
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