Commit 047ca90d authored by Kenneth Moreland's avatar Kenneth Moreland
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Fix bug where not all return paths in renderTile closed render timing.

parent 86a235d4
......@@ -1918,15 +1918,12 @@ static IceTImage renderTile(int tile,
IceTBoolean use_floating_viewport;
IceTDrawCallbackType drawfunc;
IceTVoid *value;
IceTDouble timer;
IceTInt readback_viewport[4];
IceTImage render_buffer;
IceTDouble projection_matrix[16];
IceTDouble modelview_matrix[16];
IceTFloat background_color[4];
icetRaiseDebug1("Rendering tile %d", tile);
contained_viewport = icetUnsafeStateGetInteger(ICET_CONTAINED_VIEWPORT);
tile_viewport = icetUnsafeStateGetInteger(ICET_TILE_VIEWPORTS) + 4*tile;
......@@ -2126,10 +2123,9 @@ static IceTImage renderTile(int tile,
icetGetPointerv(ICET_DRAW_FUNCTION, &value);
drawfunc = (IceTDrawCallbackType)value;
icetRaiseDebug("Calling draw function.");
timer = icetWallTime();
(*drawfunc)(projection_matrix, modelview_matrix, background_color,
readback_viewport, render_buffer);
return render_buffer;
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