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    • David C. Lonie's avatar
      Defer matplotlib initialization for text rendering. · bdf3b4c2
      David C. Lonie authored
      Rather than querying for matplotlib when
      vtkMatplotlibMathTextUtilities is constructed, check only when
      the library is needed. This saves some start up time for e.g.
      ParaView when mathtext is not used.
      Some additional changes are required due to a change in behavior:
      vtkMatplotlibMathTextUtilities::New() used to return NULL when
      matplotlib was not found to signal that mathtext was unavailable.
      The vtkMathTextUtilities::IsAvailable() virtual method has been
      added to allow querying of the availability, now that New() can
      return a valid object when matplotlib is unavailable.
  11. 26 Jun, 2015 1 commit
    • David C. Lonie's avatar
      Fix vtkAxis scaling when TileScale is set on the renwin. · ef328bcf
      David C. Lonie authored
      Now vtkAxis will show the same number of ticks and the
      same relative text size when magnifying the image. Text
      will still be a little funky if the scaling is anisotropic,
      but at the moment our freetype engine doesn't support
      anisotropic dpi (not sure if the MPL backend can or not).
      New API: vtkContextScene::GetLogicalTileScale() returns
      the renderwindow tilescale or (1, 1) depending on whether
      ScaleTiles is enabled.
      There are some random fixes where vtkAxis objects were being
      used without a scene, which led to segfaults when trying to
      look up the tile scale internally.
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    • Ken Martin's avatar
      Rebased to master · 844bdfc5
      Ken Martin authored
    • Ken Martin's avatar
      More cleanups · f1535309
      Ken Martin authored
      vtkgl::CellBO renamed vtkOpenGLHelper
      vtkgl::substitute moved to vtkShaderProgram::Substitute
      Creation of vtkOpenGLIndexBufferObject
      Creation of vtkOpenGLVertexBufferObject
      Move methods that were in vtkglVBOHelper into new classes
      Move IndexCount from CellBO to vtkOpenGLIndexBufferObject
    • Ken Martin's avatar
      Clenup some OpenGL2 code · 37f39403
      Ken Martin authored
      As we get closer to a next VTK release, make sure this is
      fairly clean or at least cleaner than it was.
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    • Ken Martin's avatar
      Fix a few issues exposed by PV testing · af81970a
      Ken Martin authored
      A couple fixes.  The big one is fixes to picking for
      CompositePolydataMapper2 but there are a couple other minor
      fixes in there as well.
      SetPixelData was not turning off depth tests.
      Some cases with a lot of degenerate cells could result
      in negative array sizes.
      Testing for a stereo capable window on Win32 was not correct
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    • David C. Lonie's avatar
      Add unicode text support to charts and context2D. · 5ff4f80b
      David C. Lonie authored
      This patch assumes all 8-bit strings rendering in the OpenGL context2D
      device are UTF-8 encoded, and uses vtkUnicodeString::from_utf8 to allow
      extended character sets to be used in Context2D 8-bit strings.
      This also fixes an issue with UTF16 rendering alignment, and updates the
      image cache to use 16-bit strings for freetype renderings and 8-bit strings
      for mathtext rendering.
      Change-Id: Ic5f905f0a2ba70919e5df59120ce7a8ee536945a
  26. 24 Jul, 2013 1 commit
    • Burlen Loring's avatar
      OpenGL driver version detection and OS Mesa features · 4d5cbfb6
      Burlen Loring authored
      Added support to vtkOpenGLExtensionManager for fine grained
      OpenGL driver version detection. Added a flag to enable/disable
      features with known driver specific bugs for testing new
      driver releases. This mostly to test future Mesa releases to
      determine if bugs have been fixed. Used the new feature to
      see if some long standing Mesa bugs have been fixed in newer
      Mesa releases for the OS Mesa renderer.
      * NPOT texture support used by vtkOpenGLContextDevice2D and
      vtkOpenGL2ContextDevice2D fixed in Mesa >= 8
      * reset glReadBuffer to quiet incomplete FBO error report in
      * vtkOpenGLVolumeGPURayCastMapper tests pass in Mesa >= 9
      except TestGPURayCastCompositeShadeMask. Explicitly disabled
      the test for OS Mesa.
      * disable FBO for Mesa < 8 because of TestBlurAndSobelPasses
      TestSobelGradientMagnitudePass test failures
      * disable vtkOpenGLHAVSVolumeMapper for OS Mesa without
      Gallium llvmpipe renderer
      * vtkCompositeRGBAPass needs GL_ARB_texture_float. Mesa
      may or may not be built with it enabled due to patent
      restrictions and a bug in 8-9 releases.
      * Disable FBO for Mesa drivers reporting OpenGL version 1.4
      because of incomplete/buggy GL_ARB_draw_buffers.
      * Although associated ctests run and pass, disable
      vtkOpenGLVolumeTextureMapper3D for OS Mesa < 9 because of
      false OpenGL invalid enum report.
      Change-Id: Ic82aeb4747137aead53251026744baa61ced66d0
  27. 08 Jul, 2013 1 commit
    • Burlen Loring's avatar
      OpenGL error hunt · a6fa3e37
      Burlen Loring authored
      This patch implements OpenGL error checking in VTK.
      OpenGL's error handling implementation error is designed such
      that internal error flags remain set with the first error that
      occurred until they are explicitly checked. With this design
      it's important to check and clear the error flags regularly
      else they become unusable as code checking for errors ends
      up reporting earlier undetected unrelated errors.
      This patch takes the following approach:
      1) at public entry points into code that uses OpenGL clear the
      error flags without reporting errors. This guards against
      reportinig unrealted errors, such as those caused by code
      outside of VTK. See vtkOpenGLClearErrorMacro
      2) before returning from functions that made OpenGL calls check
      for and report OpenGL errors. This detects Open GL errors in the
      function/method where they occurred facilitating debugging and it
      clears error flags so that user code doesn't detect errors caused
      by VTK. See vtkOpenGLCheckErrorMacro
      This patch cleans up a number of bugs that were detected by
      the new error checking and reporting.
      This patch also contains improvements for OpenGL pixel buffers, a
      renderbuffer object, and fast paths through framebuffer objects,
      and texture objects, and fast path for setting uniform variables,
      all of which are needed in vtkSurfaceLICPainter and
      vtkLineIntegralConvolution2D GPGPU code.
      Change-Id: I4ecefe9a444a74128bf73ef2ddfd5d4acea387ec
  28. 22 Apr, 2013 1 commit
    • Marcus D. Hanwell's avatar
      Fix bug on Mac OS X PPC platform · ab5a0856
      Marcus D. Hanwell authored
      For some reason the OpenGL line type (stipple etc) was causing point
      sprites not to render. Resetting back to a solid line fixes the issue
      and is reasonable to do (restore expected state). Thanks to Sean
      McBride for providing access to the failing machine.
      Change-Id: Ia31ae087e4d830175a194643c4056fd4cc68208a
  29. 25 Mar, 2013 1 commit
    • David C. Lonie's avatar
      Restore ability to scale gl2ps linewidth/pointsize. · 6643a930
      David C. Lonie authored
      The functions:
      static void vtkGL2PSExporter::SetGlobalLineWidthFactor(float);
      static void vtkGL2PSExporter::SetGlobalPointSizeFactor(float);
      were removed during the GL2PS rewrite. This patch restores the
      functionality by adding LineWidthFactor and PointSizeFactor ivars to
      vtkGL2PSExporter and the associated setters:
      void vtkGL2PSExporter::SetLineWidthFactor(float)
      void vtkGL2PSExporter::SetPointSizeFactor(float)
      These attributes are specific to the vtkGL2PSExporter instances, while
      the old implementation stored them in global variables.
      A vtkOpenGLGL2PSHelper is added to RenderingOpenGL that fakes the
      GL2PS function calls needed to update line width, point size, and
      stipple state. The public static methods are called from the rendering
      code when the GL state is changed to inform GL2PS of the change. The
      vtkOpenGLGL2PSHelper class is used to update GL2PS without introducing
      a dependency on vtkgl2ps to vtkRenderingOpenGL.
      The TestContextGL2PS unit test is modified to ensure that 1.0 scaling
      factors are used.
      The vtkGL2PSContextDevice::StippleOn was not used, and is removed in
      this commit.
      Change-Id: Ia367211848f69ffdb093fceeb9baa029435a20d0
  30. 14 Mar, 2013 1 commit
    • Sean McBride's avatar
      Fixed undefined shift into sign bit · a091d0f5
      Sean McBride authored
      It is undefined behaviour to shift a 1 into a signed integer's
      high bit. Simple fix: add 'U' suffix.
      Warned by clang's -Weverything.
      Change-Id: I59a64975c034ebd1ce4d7c6f7b3340a0fa12ea5c
  31. 02 Jan, 2013 1 commit