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    COMP: Allow CTest to cover innerbuild tests · f3522cb8
    Alexis Girault authored
    With the superbuild architecture, the inner project
    is not added as a subdirectory in the superbuild project,
    but configured through ExternalProject_Add(). For this
    reason, the CTestTestfile.cmake at the top level (superbuild
    project) does not add the Innerbuild directory in which
    there is another CTestTestfile.cmake referencing the tests
    of the inner project.
    This commit includes the file `imstkCTestAddInnerbuild.cmake.in`
    which calls `subdirs()` on the Innerbuild directory. That file
    is configured in the top-level build directory, and added as
    the TEST_INCLUDE_FILE property to that directory. This will
    include that file to the top-level CTestTestfile.cmake, which
    will therefore be able to reach the CTestTestfile.cmake in the
    Innerbuild directory when running ctest.
    Use this commit to also only solve external dependencies
    in the superbuild tree, no need to to it in the innerbuild tree.
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