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    TEST: Use custom GTEST_ADD_TESTS to register all tests · 866e208d
    Alexis Girault authored
    ctests would currently only be created for each test file,
    but the GTEST_ADD_TESTS function[1] could allow to register
    all gtests as independent tests.
    [1] https://cmake.org/cmake/help/v3.0/module/FindGTest.html
    However, that function would not allow the use of a driver
    executable, since it would force the `gtest_filter` flag to
    appear right after the executable name in the command, while
    a driver executable would need the name of the test file
    This commit introduces a custom version of GTEST_ADD_TESTS
    where `extra_args` is called before the `gtest_filter` flag
    to allow the use of an executable driver.
    Note: as noted in the doc above[1], testing each gtest is
    slow since they all necessite the startup of an executable.
    The previous option of testing per file is therefore kept
    but commented. A future focus of interest could be to
    customize `add_test` to then run all gtests at once like
    GoogleTest does by default.
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