Commit 5e42d8c6 authored by Sreekanth Arikatla's avatar Sreekanth Arikatla

COMP: Update the vrpn to the latest

The current version has compile issues on Ubuntu with gcc compiler.
This issue was fixed in vrpn parent repo

Rebase the 'improve-openhaptics' over latest vrpn master from vrpn parent repo

The new branch is 'improve-openhaptics-rebase' and the old branch is kept just in case!
parent fb2a5ac3
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ endif()
imstk_add_external_project( VRPN
GIT_TAG 6721b5ea8972cf6bcbaccdd2d32479dd77b74b53
GIT_TAG ae5672fc163d9753ac9fa559b5c862ed9e32e6ff
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