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ENH: BendConstraintStride and PbdConstraintFunctor warnings fixed

Andrew Wilson requested to merge andrew.wilson/iMSTK:BendConstraintStride into master

Adds a stride to BendConstraints so bends can occur between not only every set of 3 points but every set of 4.

Adds tests for PbdBendConstraintFunctor, PbdBendConstraint, and fixes the other constraint tests (they didn't need to be using fixtures)

One ugly issue with current iMSTK master PbdModel is that the parameters for constraints are all the same. A single value for stiffness. But in the case of FEMConstraints something "extra" is done in PbdModel. Similarly for stride you need something "extra". I think eventually we should use some polymorphism instead of compositing more members here. We can put that in an issue for later.

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