Octree-based Collision Detection

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Using Octree to detect collision between geometries.

  • Implement OctreeBasedCD class for detecting collisions between meshes
  • Write multiple collision test examples
  • Write unit test for Mesh-Mesh CD
  • Write unit test for PointSet-Mesh CD
  • Write unit test for PointSet-Analytical Geometry
  • Clean-up and squash commits to merge
  • Add an octree as a static member of CollisionDetection class, allowing to share it to detect collision in the derived classes
  • Implement PointSet-Mesh collision detection using Octree
  • Implement Mesh-Mesh collision detection using Octree
  • Add unit tests for PointSet-Mesh and Mesh-Mesh collision detections

Note: The current PBD system is very inefficient and must be improved in future. Having collision data, resolving collisions between PBD objects is still very slow and unstable.



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