Commit c5c3ea08 authored by Sreekanth Arikatla's avatar Sreekanth Arikatla
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Merge branch 'logUnsupportedRenderingVulkan' into 'master'

REFAC: Add warnings when certain type of geometry is not supported in vulkan backend

See merge request iMSTK/iMSTK!330
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......@@ -83,20 +83,28 @@ VulkanRenderDelegate::make_delegate(std::shared_ptr<VisualModel> visualModel,
return std::make_shared<VulkanSurfaceMeshRenderDelegate>(visualModel, type, memoryManager);
/*case Geometry::Type::TetrahedralMesh:
case Geometry::Type::PointSet:
auto tetrahedralMesh = std::dynamic_pointer_cast<TetrahedralMesh>(geom);
return std::make_shared<VulkanTetrahedralMeshRenderDelegate>(tetrahedralMesh);
LOG(FATAL) << "No support for PointSet rendering with Vulkan backend!";
case Geometry::Type::TetrahedralMesh:
/*auto tetrahedralMesh = std::dynamic_pointer_cast<TetrahedralMesh>(geom);
return std::make_shared<VulkanTetrahedralMeshRenderDelegate>(tetrahedralMesh);*/
LOG(FATAL) << "No support for TetrahedralMesh rendering with Vulkan backend!";
case Geometry::Type::LineMesh:
return std::make_shared<VulkanLineMeshRenderDelegate>(visualModel, type, memoryManager);
/*case Geometry::Type::HexahedralMesh:
case Geometry::Type::HexahedralMesh:
LOG(WARNING) << "RenderDelegate::make_delegate error: HexahedralMeshRenderDelegate not yet implemented";
return nullptr;
/*LOG(WARNING) << "RenderDelegate::make_delegate error: HexahedralMeshRenderDelegate not yet implemented";
return nullptr;*/
LOG(FATAL) << "No support for HexahedralMesh rendering with Vulkan backend!";
case Geometry::Type::DecalPool:
return std::make_shared<VulkanDecalRenderDelegate>(visualModel, type, memoryManager);
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