Commit 6e284b3c authored by Sreekanth Arikatla's avatar Sreekanth Arikatla
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Merge branch 'sreekanth-arikatla-master-patch-20643' into 'master'

BUG: Update Data/asianDragon/asianDragon.config.sha512

See merge request iMSTK/iMSTK!296
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1b9df53ecfee9a31e67d03f9e73f43278bd7373244c31eecaf87a96491eaaf45711fd18869d30abfd1588213ebb2285e9c1dc9259d031058dcdb295f445d7c7f dec4d4e95bb2dfa1eba3aca44e90be8636ae3b4836c6116cbb295f939c3ba738cd24ec80c5a7688f1ee6bcc159c66b4e775a95fcd7e77d43d196c056a842f143
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