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# How to build iMSTK C# wrappers?
# General
Please note that the C# support is still a work in progress, while we will do our best to maintain the C/C++ layer of this part of iMSTK it might happen that some of the code in the wrapper comes out of sync with the rest of the system, we appreciate any reports or fixes that you want to contribute to help us out. The current version of the wrapper will be fully tested against the `5.0` release tag of imstk.
## Components
iMSTK uses the [simplified wrapper and interface generator (SWIG)]( to provide an interface between C++ and C#. This enables us to use most of the C++ interface almost "as is" in C#. There are a few components to this wrapping proccess. The sources to generate the wrapper can be found under `Source/Wrappers/csharp` in the iMSTK source directory. Even on windows not all of the processes are automated yet.
The directory contains the following items
- SwigInterface: The swig `.i` files that tell swig how to build the interfaces for iMSTK, this is the C/C++ part of the wrapper
- iMSTKCSharp: A CMake project (Visual Studio only) that can build a combined dll with all the swig generated files, the C# part of the wrapper
- Examples: A set of iMSTK examples written in C#
- Testing: Unit tests for some critical parts of the wrapper (can't be built automatically atm)
## Building
Support for building differs between Linux and Visual Studio, as Visual Studio supports C# projects. Both require SWIG to be installed. On windows two different paths are available, one using visual studio and `.NET` libraries, or a more manual approach by building via `Mono`. In both cases the C/C++ layer has to be built first.
# How to build iMSTK C/C++ wrappers?
- Windows:
- download and install [swig](
- Edit the system environment variables:
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- Build imstk with `iMSTK_WRAP_CSHARP=ON`
- Ubuntu
- sudo apt install swig
- Build imstk with `iMSTK_WRAP_CSHARP=ON` (cmake can find swig without any issue on my system).
- Build imstk with `iMSTK_WRAP_CSHARP=ON`.
# How ro run C# examples on Windows
## Via Visual Studio
The output of this step is a shared library `iMSTKCWrapper.[dll|sh]` (located in `/bin`), and a series of `.cs` files that together with the `iMSTKCWrapper` library now provide access to iMSTK C++ functionalies. Note that iMSTK depends on a variety of other libraries, these are not statically linked in the `iMSTKCWrapper` library, whenever writing C# code, the `iMSTKCWrapper` library and all pertinent iMSTK dependencies need to be accessible (e.g. by being on the library path).
Some people like to compile all the `.cs` files into a separate library, the Visual Studio build does that in a separate target.
# How ro run C# examples on Windows
## Via Visual Studio .NET
- The superbuild needs to be run twice for the C# Examples to be run from the install folder
- If you are looking at the inner build, after building `iMSTKCWrapper`, you will need to run CMake "Configure" and "Generate" again to load the example projects.
- When running from visual studio make sure that the "Working Directory" under each examples project settings is set to the install folder
- Due to the dependency relation ship noted above you can't immediately run the example out of visual studio at the moment but you need to make sure that the "Working Directory" under each examples' project settings is set to the iMSTK install folder
## Via Mono
- Install mono. See [](
- The C# examples run without building iMSTK csharp wrappers, but needs iMSTK built with OpenHaptics.
- clone the repository [](
- build this specific version of iMSTK: [](
- build imstk_csharp/imstkCWrapper. `iMSTK_DIR` has to set to /imstk_build/install/lib/cmake/iMSTK-4.0.
- There are several examples in imstk_csharp/cs_examples. Taking pbdCloth.cs for an example, open a terminal, go to imstk_csharp/cs_examples
- /path/to/mono/bin/csc cs_examples\pbdCloth.cs cs_files\*.cs -out:bin\pbdCloth.exe
- build iMSTK with `iMSTK_WRAP_CSHARP=ON`
- There are several examples in `Source/Wrappers/csharp/Examples`. Taking pbdCloth.cs for an example, open a terminal, go to the imstk installation directory and execute
- /path/to/mono/bin/csc '<imstkSource>\Source\Wrappers\csharp\Examples\pbdCloth.cs include\iMSTKCSharp\*.cs -out:bin\pbdCloth.exe
- bin\pbdCloth.exe can run directly.
- You can also build iMSTK C# wrappers yourself (without OpenHaptics), and then
- copy all C# files in Innerbuild/Source/CSWrapper to imstk_csharp/cs_files.
- copy `imstkCWrapperCSHARP_wrap.cxx` and `imstkCWrapperCSHARP_wrap.h` to imstk_csharp/imstkCWrapper
and then build imstkCWrapper and run examples as described above.
# How to compile SWIG generated C# code into a dll, and run examples with it?
- open a terminal, cd to imstk_csharp
- /path/to/mono/bin/csc -target:library cs_files\*.cs -out:bin\iMSTKCS.dll (This compiles the C# code into a dynamic lib, iMSTKCS.dll)
- /path/to/mono/bin/csc -r:bin\iMSTKCS.dll pbdCloth.cs -out:bin\pbdCloth.exe
- open a terminal, cd to the iMSTK installation directory
- /path/to/mono/bin/csc -target:library include\iMSTKCSharp\*.cs\*.cs -out:bin\iMSTKCS.dll (This compiles the C# code into a dynamic lib, iMSTKCS.dll)
- /path/to/mono/bin/csc -r:bin\iMSTKCS.dll <imstkSource>\Source\Wrappers\csharp\Examples\pbdCloth.cs -out:bin\pbdCloth.exe
- bin\pbdCloth.exe can run directly.
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