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Help/dev: Add commit message guidelines

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......@@ -29,7 +29,8 @@ To contribute patches:
#. Base all new work on the upstream ``master`` branch.
Base work on the upstream ``release`` branch only if it fixes a
regression or bug in a feature new to that release.
#. Create commits making incremental, distinct, logically complete changes.
#. Create commits making incremental, distinct, logically complete changes
with appropriate `commit messages`_.
#. Push a topic branch to a personal repository fork on GitLab.
#. Create a GitLab Merge Request targeting the upstream ``master`` branch
(even if the change is intended for merge to the ``release`` branch).
......@@ -40,6 +41,7 @@ The merge request will enter the `CMake Review Process`_ for consideration.
.. _`CMake Repository`:
.. _`Utilities/`: Utilities/
.. _`CMake Source Code Guide`: Help/dev/source.rst
.. _`commit messages`: Help/dev/review.rst#commit-messages
.. _`CMake Review Process`: Help/dev/review.rst
......@@ -185,6 +185,54 @@ commands to ``@kwrobot`` using the form ``Do: ...``:
See the corresponding sections for details on permissions and options
for each command.
Commit Messages
Part of the human review is to check that each commit message is appropriate.
The first line of the message should begin with one or two words indicating the
area the commit applies to, followed by a colon and then a brief summary.
Committers should aim to keep this first line short. Any subsequent lines
should be separated from the first by a blank line and provide relevant, useful
The appropriateness of the initial word describing the area the commit applies
to is not something the automatic robot review can judge, so it is up to the
human reviewer to confirm that the area is specified and that it is
appropriate. Good area words include the module name the commit is primarily
fixing, the main C++ source file being edited, ``Help`` for generic
documentation changes or a feature or functionality theme the changes apply to
(e.g. ``server`` or ``Autogen``). Examples of suitable first lines of a commit
message include:
* ``Help: Fix example in cmake-buildsystem(7) manual``
* ``FindBoost: Add support for 1.64``
* ``Autogen: Extended mocInclude tests``
* ``cmLocalGenerator: Explain standard flag selection logic in comments``
If the commit fixes a particular reported issue, this information should
ideally also be part of the commit message. The recommended way to do this is
to place a line at the end of the message in the form ``Fixes: #xxxxx`` where
``xxxxx`` is the GitLab issue number and to separate it from the rest of the
text by a blank line. For example::
Help: Fix FooBar example robustness issue
FooBar supports option X, but the example provided
would not work if Y was also specified.
Fixes: #12345
GitLab will automatically create relevant links to the merge request and will
close the issue when the commit is merged into master. GitLab understands a few
other synonyms for ``Fixes`` and allows much more flexible forms than the
above, but committers should aim for this format for consistency. Note that
such details can alternatively be specified in the merge request description.
Reviewers are encouraged to ask the committer to amend commit messages to
follow these guidelines, but prefer to focus on the changes themselves as a
first priority. Maintainers will also make a check of commit messages before
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