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Commit baa3dda9 authored by Bob Obara's avatar Bob Obara
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ENH: add an option that lists all the formats supported by import mesh

Added a new filter option that combines all of the support mesh/discrete formats
parent 12245f75
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
<File Name="filename" Label="File Name" NumberOfRequiredValues="1"
FileFilters="Legacy VTK files (*.vtk);;Solids (*.2dm *.3dm *.stl *.sol *.tin *.obj);;Map files (*.map);;Poly files (*.poly *.smesh);;Shape files (*.shp);;All files (*.*)">
FileFilters="Supported Discrete Formats (*.vtk *.2dm *.3dm *.stl *.sol *.tin *.obj *.map *.poly *.smesh *.shp);;Legacy VTK files (*.vtk);;Solids (*.2dm *.3dm *.stl *.sol *.tin *.obj);;Map files (*.map);;Poly files (*.poly *.smesh);;Shape files (*.shp);;All files (*.*)">
<String Name="ShapeBoundaryStyle" Label="Specify Shape File Boundary" Version="0" AdvanceLevel="0" NumberOfRequiredValues="1" Optional="true">
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