Commit a37c307e authored by Haocheng LIU's avatar Haocheng LIU
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Show contextMenu for active model's session

parent 3a99fd93
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......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
#include "smtk/model/IntegerData.h"
#include "smtk/model/Manager.h"
#include "smtk/model/Model.h"
#include "smtk/model/SessionRef.h"
#include "smtk/model/StringData.h"
#include "smtk/model/SubphraseGenerator.h"
#include "smtk/model/SimpleModelSubphrases.h"
......@@ -928,8 +929,14 @@ void qtModelView::showContextMenu(const QModelIndex &idx, const QPoint& p)
auto sinfo = this->m_sessionInfo[sessionString];
// Compare the current model with active model. If true, show related
// operators. If not, only show `set as active model`.
// Currently active model's session would show operator
smtk::model::Model currentActiveModel = qtActiveObjects::instance().activeModel();
if (currentModel.isValid() && (currentModel.entity() == currentActiveModel.entity()))
smtk::model::Models brSessionModels = brSession.models<smtk::model::Models>();
bool hasActiveModel = (std::find(brSessionModels.begin(),
brSessionModels.end(), currentActiveModel) != brSessionModels.end());
if ( (brSession.isValid() && !currentModel.isValid() && hasActiveModel)/* click on active session*/ ||
(currentModel.isValid() && (currentModel.entity() == currentActiveModel.entity())))
for(StringList::const_iterator it = sinfo.first.begin();
it != sinfo.first.end(); ++it)
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