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      Update use of field association enumerations · f8f41e0e
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The enumerations in `vtkm::cont::Field::Association` were renamed in the
      previous commit. The old names still exist, but are deprecated. Change
      the rest of the code to use the new names.
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      Rename field associations · 56670dbb
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The symbols in `vtkm::cont::Field::Association` have been changed from
      `ANY`, `WHOLE_MESH`, `POINTS`, and `CELL_SET` to `Any`, `WholeMesh`,
      `Points`, and `Cells`, respectively. The reason for this change is twofold:
        * The general standard that VTK-m follows for `enum struct` enumerators
          is to use camel case (with the first character capitalized), not all
          upper case.
        * The use of `CELL_SET` for fields associated with cells is obsolete. A
          `DataSet` used to support having more than one `CellSet`, and so a
          field association on cells was actually bound to a particular
          `CellSet`. However, that is no longer the case. A `DataSet` has exactly
          one `CellSet`, so a cell field no longer has to point to a `CellSet`.
          Thus the enumeration symbol for `Cells` should match the one for
      For backward compatibility, the old enumerations still exist. They are
      aliases for the new names, and they are marked as deprecated, so using them
      will result in a compiler warning (on some systems).
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      Merge topic 'support-deprecated-code' · 4aa81d9e
      Kenneth Moreland authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
      9d6f63b6 Add vtkm_cont_testing to interface of vtkm_cont
       Include UncertainCellSet.h from UnknownCellSet.h
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Acked-by: Sujin Philip's avatarSujin Philip <sujin.philip@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !2732
  4. 16 Mar, 2022 3 commits
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      Fix Histogram filter range for DataSet · df24ea13
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      In the transition of the `Histogram` filter to the new filter types, a
      bug was introduced. The `Histogram` filter has an option to set the
      range for which to compute the histogram. (The range of the data will be
      used instead if none is specified.) This range was properly used when
      computing the histogram on a `PartitionedDataSet`. However, when running
      on a single `DataSet`, the new filter structure skipped over the
      partition code that checked to see if the range was specified. (It also
      skipped over the code that properly computed the range in MPI.)
      This change properly checks to see if `Execute` was called with a single
      `DataSet` and updates the `ComputedRange` appropriately.
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      Add vtkm_cont_testing to interface of vtkm_cont · 9d6f63b6
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Recent changes to VTK-m include changes to MakeDataSet.h that require
      the vtkm_cont_testing library to be loaded. This is problematic for
      software using an earlier minor revision as they do not expect to need
      to include this library.
      For now, include vtkm_cont_testing in the interface of vtkm_cont so that
      downstream code will load it. This should be a temporary solution. As we
      move to new versions of VTK-m, we should break this link and require
      downstream components to include it themselves.
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      Include UncertainCellSet.h from UnknownCellSet.h · 2723cd08
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      This is mostly to support external code that expects deprecated
      behavior. UnknownCellSet/UncertainCellSet replace DynamicCellSet. In the
      deprecated class, you could use `ResetCellSetList` without having to
      include a secondary file. It would be better to support that now so the
      minor change does not break things.
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  6. 08 Mar, 2022 9 commits
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      Enable predicate parameter to `ListAll` and `ListAny` · 2b646306
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      In pretty much any practical circumstance, whenusing `ListAll` or
      `ListAny`, you have a list of types on which you run some sort of
      predicate on each item in the list to determine whether any or all of
      the items match the predicate. To make this easier, add a second
      argument to `ListAll` and `ListAny` to provide a predicate that will
      automatically be added.
      If no predicate is given, then the operation is run directly on the
      list. This is implemented by just using an identity operation.
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      Remove brigand.hpp · 0f96a6b0
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      GCC 11 is having trouble compiling brigand.hpp at all, even before we
      instantiate any templates. Since we no longer need it, let's get rid of
      it. It was always placed in an internal namespace.
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      Deprecate brigand.hpp · 8d00bb16
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Add deprecation warnings to the code whenever someone uses brigand.hpp.
      We are no longer supporting this header file, but we'll give code a
      chance to transition off of it.
      Also added some other deprecation warnings to other header files that
      are themselves deprecated but only issued warnings if you used something
      in it.
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      Remove brigand from Benchmarker.h · 920392b6
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Instead, consistently use `vtkm::List`. (All the actual benchmark code
      already uses `vtkm::List` instead of `brigand::list`.)
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      Remove brigand from DispatcherBase · 9562de94
      Kenneth Moreland authored
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      Remove brigand from FunctionInterface · a771359d
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Replace with features in `vtkm::List`.
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Remove brigand from ArrayHandleDecorator · be8004b0
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Replaced with features provided by `vtkm::List` and some simple
      templates now in `vtkm/internal/Meta.h`.
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      Remove brigand from ArrayHandleCompositeVector · 2eb6fb9d
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Use new features of vtkm::List instead.
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      Added ListReduce, ListAll, and ListAny · 124f0838
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      These new features to VTK-m lists allow you to compute a single value
      from a list. `ListReduce` allows you to compute a value based on a
      predicate. `ListAll` and `ListAny` use this feature to determine if all
      or any of a list of `true_type` or `false_type` objects are true.
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