Commit 909714cc authored by Bill Hoffman's avatar Bill Hoffman
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ENH: fix from main tree

parent 8b2839e4
......@@ -954,11 +954,16 @@ void cmMakefile::AddLinkLibraryForTarget(const char *target,
// make sure the tpye is correct
// make sure the type is correct if it is currently
// general. So if you do a
// target_link_libraries(foo optimized bar) it will stay
// optimized and not use the lookup. As there maybe the
// case where someone has specifed that a library is both
// debug and optimized.
std::string linkType = lib;
linkType += "_LINK_TYPE";
const char* linkTypeString = this->GetDefinition( linkType.c_str() );
if(llt == cmTarget::GENERAL && linkTypeString)
if(strcmp(linkTypeString, "debug") == 0)
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