Commit 3ceb364b authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

Tests: Update RunCMake.FileAPI for IntelLLVM

parent 12720a5b
......@@ -608,7 +608,7 @@ def gen_check_targets(c, g, inSource):
if cxx_compiler_id in ['Clang', 'AppleClang', 'GNU', 'Intel', 'MSVC', 'Embarcadero'] and g["name"] != "Xcode":
if cxx_compiler_id in ['Clang', 'AppleClang', 'GNU', 'Intel', 'IntelLLVM', 'MSVC', 'Embarcadero'] and g["name"] != "Xcode":
for e in expected:
if e["name"] == "cxx_exe":
if matches(g["name"], "^(Visual Studio |Ninja Multi-Config)"):
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