Commit 1cb65e68 authored by Craig Scott's avatar Craig Scott Committed by Brad King

ExternalProject: Prevent the noisy detached head messages on checkout

When checking out a specific commit by its git hash, git will output
a very noisy message about checking out a detached HEAD. This
is not particularly helpful for us here and makes the output overall
quite verbose. Add a git config setting to prevent it.
parent b369aee2
......@@ -2671,6 +2671,10 @@ function(_ep_add_download_command name)
get_property(git_progress TARGET ${name} PROPERTY _EP_GIT_PROGRESS)
get_property(git_config TARGET ${name} PROPERTY _EP_GIT_CONFIG)
# Make checkouts quiet when checking out a git hash (this avoids the
# very noisy detached head message)
list(PREPEND git_config advice.detachedHead=false)
# For the download step, and the git clone operation, only the repository
# should be recorded in a configured RepositoryInfo file. If the repo
# changes, the clone script should be run again. But if only the tag
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