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      Update THANKS. · a01794c5
      Lasse Collin authored
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      tuklib_cpucores: Add support for sched_getaffinity(). · df8f446e
      Lasse Collin authored
      It's available in glibc (GNU/Linux, GNU/kFreeBSD). It's better
      than sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN) because sched_getaffinity()
      gives the number of cores available to the process instead of
      the total number of cores online.
      As a side effect, this commit fixes a bug on GNU/kFreeBSD where
      configure would detect the FreeBSD-specific cpuset_getaffinity()
      but it wouldn't actually work because on GNU/kFreeBSD it requires
      using -lfreebsd-glue when linking. Now the glibc-specific function
      will be used instead.
      Thanks to Sebastian Andrzej Siewior for the original patch
      and testing.
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      liblzma: Disable external SHA-256 by default. · ac398c3b
      Lasse Collin authored
      This is the sane thing to do. The conflict with OpenSSL
      on some OSes and especially that the OS-provided versions
      can be significantly slower makes it clear that it was
      a mistake to have the external SHA-256 support enabled by
      Those who want it can now pass --enable-external-sha256 to
      configure. INSTALL was updated with notes about OSes where
      this can be a bad idea.
      The SHA-256 detection code in configure.ac had some bugs that
      could lead to a build failure in some situations. These were
      fixed, although it doesn't matter that much now that the
      external SHA-256 is disabled by default.
      MINIX >= 3.2.0 uses NetBSD's libc and thus has SHA256_Init
      in libc instead of libutil. Support for the libutil version
      was removed.
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      Update THANKS. · 6fd5ecb5
      Lasse Collin authored
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      Build: Avoid SHA256_Init on FreeBSD and MINIX 3. · 473ef0dc
      Lasse Collin authored
      On FreeBSD 10 and older, SHA256_Init from libmd conflicts
      with libcrypto from OpenSSL. The OpenSSL version has
      different sizeof(SHA256_CTX) and it can cause weird
      problems if wrong SHA256_Init gets used.
      Looking at the source, MINIX 3 seems to have a similar issue but
      I'm not sure. To be safe, I disabled SHA256_Init on MINIX 3 too.
      NetBSD has SHA256_Init in libc and they had a similar problem,
      but they already fixed it in 2009.
      Thanks to Jim Wilcoxson for the bug report that helped
      in finding the problem.
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      Update THANKS. · e52e9151
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      liblzma: Make Valgrind happier with optimized (gcc -O2) liblzma. · 14115f84
      Lasse Collin authored
      When optimizing, GCC can reorder code so that an uninitialized
      value gets used in a comparison, which makes Valgrind unhappy.
      It doesn't happen when compiled with -O0, which I tend to use
      when running Valgrind.
      Thanks to Rich Prohaska. I remember this being mentioned long
      ago by someone else but nothing was done back then.
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