Commit f966590d authored by Ethan Stam's avatar Ethan Stam

Add a patch to fix python34 import vtk bug

parent 52efc527
......@@ -260,6 +260,11 @@ if (paraview_SOURCE_SELECTION STREQUAL "5.6.0")
"Fix eye dome lighting in parallel")
endif ()
if (paraview_SOURCE_SELECTION STREQUAL "5.6.1")
superbuild_apply_patch(paraview fix-py3-vtkpy-version
"Fix issue with python 3.4 builds not loading modules")
endif ()
if (WIN32 AND las_enabled)
superbuild_append_flags(cxx_flags "-DBOOST_ALL_NO_LIB" PROJECT_ONLY)
diff --git a/Wrapping/Python/paraview/ b/Wrapping/Python/paraview/
--- a/Wrapping/Python/paraview/
+++ b/Wrapping/Python/paraview/
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
"""This is the paraview.vtk module."""
import sys
-if sys.version_info < (3,4):
+if sys.version_info < (3,5):
# imp is deprecated in 3.4
import imp, importlib
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