Commit cafba8b8 authored by Dženan Zukić's avatar Dženan Zukić

STYLE: limit line length to 200 characters

parent f8c6769b
......@@ -133,6 +133,9 @@ The SpatialHashtable class implements a 2D data structure that can map keys to v
#### Code style check
You can and should use the `uncrustify` tool to check and/or adjust code style of your files. It is run as part of git's pre-commit hook, as part of test suite invoked by CTest or by building *RUN_TESTS* target in Visual Studio. You can also run it manually by building *uncrustifyRun* target, but in that mode your files will be overwritten so make sure you commit your work beforehand to easily see the style changes automatically made by `uncrustify`.
### Testing your code
*Coming soon - Please refer to the rest of the code in the meantime*
......@@ -142,6 +142,9 @@ sp_angle_shift = remove # ignore/add/remove/force
# sp_angle_shift cannot remove the space without this option.
sp_permit_cpp11_shift = true # false/true
# Try to limit code width to N number of columns
code_width = 200 # number
# If false, disable all multi-line comment changes, including cmt_width. keyword substitution and leading chars.
# Default=True.
# If enabled in IMSTK, it interferes with license header
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