Commit 8f91a1d5 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

BUG: Assignment should always use reset().

parent fe4cf16a
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ public:
auto_ptr(auto_ptr_ref<X> r) throw(): x_(r.p_.release()) {}
template <class Y> operator auto_ptr_ref<Y>() throw() { return auto_ptr_ref<Y>(*this); }
template <class Y> operator auto_ptr<Y>() throw() { return release(); }
auto_ptr& operator=(auto_ptr_ref<X> r) throw() { x_ = r.p_.release(); return *this; }
auto_ptr& operator=(auto_ptr_ref<X> r) throw() { reset(r.p_.release()); return *this; }
} // namespace @KWSYS_NAMESPACE@
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