Commit dcd443d4 authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly
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cmTarget: Clean up the InsertCompileDefinition implementation.

It accepts a before parameter but is never called with before=true.

compile definitions are sorted by std::set, so it wouldn't make sense
to allow user sorting.
parent cd711ed0
......@@ -1620,16 +1620,11 @@ void cmTarget::InsertCompileOption(const cmValueWithOrigin &entry,
void cmTarget::InsertCompileDefinition(const cmValueWithOrigin &entry,
bool before)
void cmTarget::InsertCompileDefinition(const cmValueWithOrigin &entry)
cmGeneratorExpression ge(entry.Backtrace);
std::vector<cmTargetInternals::TargetPropertyEntry*>::iterator position
= before ? this->Internal->CompileDefinitionsEntries.begin()
: this->Internal->CompileDefinitionsEntries.end();
new cmTargetInternals::TargetPropertyEntry(ge.Parse(entry.Value)));
......@@ -531,8 +531,7 @@ public:
bool before = false);
void InsertCompileOption(const cmValueWithOrigin &entry,
bool before = false);
void InsertCompileDefinition(const cmValueWithOrigin &entry,
bool before = false);
void InsertCompileDefinition(const cmValueWithOrigin &entry);
void AppendBuildInterfaceIncludes();
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