Commit 08b9a0fd authored by Alex Turbov's avatar Alex Turbov Committed by Brad King
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FindBoost: Simplify library dir detection with cascading if/elseif/else

parent ca4029fa
...@@ -1681,13 +1681,11 @@ if(Boost_FOUND) ...@@ -1681,13 +1681,11 @@ if(Boost_FOUND)
endif() endif()
if(EXISTS "${_boost_LIB_DIR}/lib") if(EXISTS "${_boost_LIB_DIR}/lib")
set(_boost_LIB_DIR ${_boost_LIB_DIR}/lib) string(APPEND _boost_LIB_DIR /lib)
elseif(EXISTS "${_boost_LIB_DIR}/stage/lib")
string(APPEND _boost_LIB_DIR "/stage/lib")
else() else()
if(EXISTS "${_boost_LIB_DIR}/stage/lib") set(_boost_LIB_DIR "")
set(_boost_LIB_DIR ${_boost_LIB_DIR}/stage/lib)
set(_boost_LIB_DIR "")
endif() endif()
if(_boost_LIB_DIR AND EXISTS "${_boost_LIB_DIR}") if(_boost_LIB_DIR AND EXISTS "${_boost_LIB_DIR}")
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