Commit 7401095b authored by Berk Geveci's avatar Berk Geveci
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Improved unstructured grid support in dataset_adapter.

Added support for getting and getting cells of unstructured grids.

Change-Id: Ia321b861febfa72f91ecd7bdcd0ed58164ef5ebe
parent d64654d6
......@@ -138,14 +138,14 @@ def vtkDataArrayToVTKArray(array, dataset=None):
return VTKArray(narray, array=array, dataset=dataset)
def numpyTovtkDataArray(array, name="numpy_array"):
def numpyTovtkDataArray(array, name="numpy_array", array_type=None):
"""Given a numpy array or a VTKArray and a name, returns a vtkDataArray.
The resulting vtkDataArray will store a reference to the numpy array
through a DeleteEvent observer: the numpy array is released only when
the vtkDataArray is destroyed."""
if not array.flags.contiguous:
array = array.copy()
vtkarray = numpy_support.numpy_to_vtk(array)
vtkarray = numpy_support.numpy_to_vtk(array, array_type=array_type)
# This makes the VTK array carry a reference to the numpy array.
vtkarray.AddObserver('DeleteEvent', _MakeObserver(array))
......@@ -557,6 +557,8 @@ class DataSetAttributes(VTKObjectWrapper):
def GetArray(self, idx):
"Given an index or name, returns a VTKArray."
if isinstance(idx, int) and idx >= self.VTKObject.GetNumberOfArrays():
raise IndexError, "array index out of range"
vtkarray = self.VTKObject.GetArray(idx)
if not vtkarray:
vtkarray = self.VTKObject.GetAbstractArray(idx)
......@@ -933,15 +935,22 @@ class PointSet(DataSet):
return vtkDataArrayToVTKArray(
self.VTKObject.GetPoints().GetData(), self)
Points = property(GetPoints, None, None, "This property returns the point coordinates of dataset.")
def SetPoints(self, pts):
"""Given a VTKArray instance, sets the points of the dataset."""
from vtk.vtkCommonCore import vtkPoints
pts = numpyTovtkDataArray(pts)
p = vtkPoints()
Points = property(GetPoints, SetPoints, None, "This property returns the point coordinates of dataset.")
class PolyData(PointSet):
"""This is a python friendly wrapper of a vtkPolyData that defines
a few useful properties."""
def GetPolygons(self):
"""Returns the points as a VTKArray instance. Returns None if the
dataset has implicit points."""
"""Returns the polys as a VTKArray instance."""
if not self.VTKObject.GetPolys():
return None
return vtkDataArrayToVTKArray(
......@@ -949,10 +958,53 @@ class PolyData(PointSet):
Polygons = property(GetPolygons, None, None, "This property returns the connectivity of polygons.")
class UnstructuredGrid(PointSet):
"""This is a python friendly wrapper of a vtkUnstructuredGrid that defines
a few useful properties."""
def GetCellTypes(self):
"""Returns the cell types as a VTKArray instance."""
if not self.VTKObject.GetCellTypesArray():
return None
return vtkDataArrayToVTKArray(
self.VTKObject.GetCellTypesArray(), self)
def GetCellLocations(self):
"""Returns the cell locations as a VTKArray instance."""
if not self.VTKObject.GetCellLocationsArray():
return None
return vtkDataArrayToVTKArray(
self.VTKObject.GetCellLocationsArray(), self)
def GetCells(self):
"""Returns the cells as a VTKArray instance."""
if not self.VTKObject.GetCells():
return None
return vtkDataArrayToVTKArray(
self.VTKObject.GetCells().GetData(), self)
def SetCells(self, cellTypes, cellLocations, cells):
"""Given cellTypes, cellLocations, cells as VTKArrays,
populates the unstructured grid data structures."""
from vtk import VTK_ID_TYPE
from vtk.vtkCommonDataModel import vtkCellArray
cellTypes = numpyTovtkDataArray(cellTypes)
cellLocations = numpyTovtkDataArray(cellLocations, array_type=VTK_ID_TYPE)
cells = numpyTovtkDataArray(cells, array_type=VTK_ID_TYPE)
ca = vtkCellArray()
ca.SetCells(cellTypes.GetNumberOfTuples(), cells)
self.VTKObject.SetCells(cellTypes, cellLocations, ca)
CellTypes = property(GetCellTypes, None, None, "This property returns the types of cells.")
CellLocations = property(GetCellLocations, None, None, "This property returns the locations of cells.")
Cells = property(GetCells, None, None, "This property returns the connectivity of cells.")
def WrapDataObject(ds):
"""Returns a Numpy friendly wrapper of a vtkDataObject."""
if ds.IsA("vtkPolyData"):
return PolyData(ds)
elif ds.IsA("vtkUnstructuredGrid"):
return UnstructuredGrid(ds)
elif ds.IsA("vtkPointSet"):
return PointSet(ds)
elif ds.IsA("vtkDataSet"):
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