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    Add logic in the PV layer to force observers to fire on main thread · ae7b91c6
    T.J. Corona authored
    Qt requires that all methods that affect the GUI be performed on the
    application's main thread. Many of the registered Observer functions for
    both operations and resources are designed to affect the GUI. Rather than
    connect GUI-modifying logic to a signal triggered by an observer, we mutate
    the behavior of the operation, resource and Selection Observer calling
    logic to ensure that all Observer functors are called on the main
    thread, regardless of which thread performs the observation.
    To support this pattern, SMTK's Observer pattern has been generalized
    to a single description (smtk::common::Observers) that adopts a
    run-time configurable type of polymorphism where consuming code can
    change the class's behavior, allowing consuming code to redefine the
    context in which the Observer functors are executed.
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