1. 08 Oct, 2019 1 commit
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    • Aron Helser's avatar
      AssignColorsView: fix pqPalletChooser behavior on apply. · ffc8ac72
      Aron Helser authored
      Paraview's pqPalletChooser has a weird semi-modal behavior
      where it disables interaction with the UI except for the
      render view, when it is open. Instead of destroying/recreating
      the dialog, call close() so it properly cleans up the
      event filter that causes this behavior. Makes the dialog
      testable using the recorded xml tests.
      add a few more UI names.
  3. 01 Oct, 2019 1 commit
    • Bob Obara's avatar
      ENH: Extended category and validity checking for attributes and items · e9d60d82
      Bob Obara authored
      * ItemDefinition can now perform testing on its set of categories w/r to another set using passCategoryCheck(...)
      * Added the ability to indicate if any or all of an ItemDefinition's categories need to be in the set passed into passCategoryCheck.  This is controlled by ItemDefinition::setCategoryCheckMode(...)
      * Extended both Attribute and Item isValid methods to take in a set of categories.  If an item would fail it's passCategoryCheck based on the input set then isValid will return true since the item's state is being "filtered out"
      * Added XML/JSON support for reading/writing ItemDefinition::categoryCheckMode
      * Updated qtUIManager, qtAttributeView and qtInstanceView to make use of these new methods
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    • Aron Helser's avatar
      Add new test data, knee.ex2, and test behavior. · 15263602
      Aron Helser authored
      Don't pop up the modified data warning on exit, if we
      are running inside ctest.
      Also, add submodule init to setup script, in case user
      forgets to checkout with --recursive
      Slightly clearer error message for discrete reader.
  8. 20 Sep, 2019 2 commits
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    • Bob Obara's avatar
      ENH: Controlling how double items are displayed · 6385076b
      Bob Obara authored
      Using ItemViews you can now control how the double value item is displayed based using the following "attributes":
      * Notation - general display behavior.  Supported values include:
       * Fixed - displays the value in fixed notation.  This is equivalent to printf's %f flag
       * Scientific - displays the value in scientific notation.  This is equivalent to printf's %e flag
       * Mixed - tries to determine the best notation to use.  This is equivalent to printf's %g flag
      * Precision - controls the precision (in the case of Fixed and Scientific Notations) or significant digits (in the case of Mixed Notation) that are to be displayed when the value is not being edited.
      * EditPrecision - controls the precision (in the case of Fixed and Scientific Notations) or significant digits (in the case of Mixed Notation) that are to be displayed when the value is being edited.
      Example SBT Code:
          <View Type="Instanced" Title="General">
              <Att Name="numerics-att" Type="numerics">
                  <View Item="dt_init" Type="Default" Precision="6" EditPrecision="10"/>
                  <View Item="dt_max" Type="Default" Precision="6" EditPrecision="10" Notation="Fixed"/>
                  <View Item="dt_min" Type="Default" Precision="6" EditPrecision="10" Notation="Scientific"/>
              <Att Name="outputs-att" Type="outputs" />
              <Att Name="simulation-control-att" Type="simulation-control" />
      <!--         <Att Name="Mesh" Type="mesh" /> -->
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    • David Thompson's avatar
      Revamp PV-SMTK selection integration. · fd5e3274
      David Thompson authored
      ParaView's selection-handling rewrites the VTK selection created
      during pick events, dropping information that SMTK needs to recover
      component IDs. To address this, ParaView has moved its rewrite
      logic into a new class, named `vtkPVEncodeSelectionForServers`,
      which applications (or plugins) can override using the vtkObjectFactory.
      SMTK now overrides creation of this class, returning a custom subclass
      named `vtkSMTKEncodeSelection`. This class is created on the client
      and dispatches ParaView selections to operations in a new group
      (VTKSelectionRespondersGroup). These operations are provided access
      to the client-side SMTK selection instance and the first operation
      to process a given resource is accepted as the selection updater
      for that resource.
      This commit also adds a toolbar filter-option for selecting instance
      entities and an icon for instances in the resource browser widget.
    • David Thompson's avatar
      Fix selection bug. · 6b7fab74
      David Thompson authored
      Both the unselected and selected actors/mappers must use the same
      input dataset so that block indices coincide.
  18. 29 Aug, 2019 1 commit
    • Haocheng LIU's avatar
      Fix the glyphing visibility && selection and add hidden notion to EntityRef · 4aaa38a9
      Haocheng LIU authored
      * The visibility control of glyphs has been fixed.
      * The rendering of selected/hovered glyphs has been fixed.
      * A new entry as hidden property is added to EntityRef. Developers can choose if the vtk representation for this EntityRef should be hidden from geometry generation stage or not(It can still be used for glyphing. See latter explanations). A use case is that an entity should be just used for glyphing only as its own vtk geometry representation makes no sense standalone. So it will not be added to the model multiblock source but its representation can be generated and added to the prototype multiblock source when used as a glyphing prototype. At the same time, developers can choose if the visibility control for this EntityRef should be hidden from the view control in downstream applications(Ex. CMB's model panel).
      The APIs which allow developers to hide the entity from tessellation generation /andd view presentation are as below:
      // Assume we have a valid EntityRef as ent
      EntityRef ent = GetFromSomePlace();
      // Hide ent from tessellation generation
      ent.setHiddenOptionsStatus(true, HiddenOptions::HideTessellationGeneration);
      // Hide ent from view presentation
      ent.setHiddenOptionsStatus(true, HiddenOptions::HideViewRepresentation);
      // Hide ent from all stages(For now it includes tessellation generation and view presentation)
      // Query all its hidden options status
      int hiddenOptions = ent.hiddenOptionsStatus();
      // Query a specific hidden option status. 1 means isSet and 0 means notSet.
      int hideFromTessGenStatus = ent.hiddenOptionsStatus(HiddenOptions::HideTessellationGeneration);
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