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      BUG: Fixing Regression introduced by !2514 · 8f0ce288
      Bob Obara authored
      The issue is that GroupItem::hasRelevantChildren was always checking against the set of active categories,
      but in the case of an Analysis Attribute, we ignore categories all together.  The fix was to provide an option to skip the category check in the method.
      This also required isRelevant to have the same change.
      Also noticed that isIgnore was not being taken into consideration via the isValid method.  Since this test should be done when isEnbaled is being checked I noticed that the isEnabled check was being done in isValidInternal
      (which meant each Item class was copying the same code fragment) and that it was being done after the category check
      which is more expensive.
      This has been refactored to the isValid is doing the isIgnored and isEnabled tests.
      Also update unitIsRelevant test to include a test for hasRelevantChildren.
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      ENH: Adding the ability to ignore items · 34cb9e3c
      Bob Obara authored
      Also added the following:
      * Ability to indicate that an Attribute's name should not be editable via the bool Property: smtk.extensions.attribute_view.name_read_only
      * qtGroupItem will not display it's children frame if it have no relevant children
      * Modified Attribute/Item isRelevant methods to optional test for read access
      * Expanded Resource/Component Properties to include bool, int, vector of bools and vector of ints
      * Added example of a sbt file where group items have no relevant children
      * Added a test for new isRelevant and isIgnored functionality
      Closes #438 #431 #436
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      ENH: Supporting External Expressions · cfc48874
      Bob Obara authored
      Supporting "External" Expressions
      There are use cases where the workflow may want to store expressions in a separate Attribute Resource.
      The core of SMTK already supported this but the UI system assumed that the Attribute Resource which owned the ValueItem was also the source for expressions.  This is no longer the case.
      qtInstancedView can now optionally take in an Attribute Resource instead of solely relying on the one associated with the UI Manager.  This allows classes like the qtAttributeEditor to supply the Attribute Resource.
      Added a new query function called: findResourceContainingDefinition that will return an Attribute Resource that contains an Attribute Definition referred to by its typename.  If the optional Attribute Resource provided to the function also contains the Definition, it is returned immediately without doing any additional searching.  This maintains the original use case where the expressions are stored in the same resource.
      qtInputItem no longer assumes the Item's Attribute Resource is the one being used as a source for expressions.
      Added two template files that can be used to demo the functionality.
      data/attribute/attribute_collection/externalExpressionsPt1.sbt - Contains an Attribute Definition with an Item that can use an expression that is not defined in that template
      data/attribute/attribute_collection/externalExpressionsPt2.sbt - Contains an Attribute Definition that represents the expressions used in Pt1.
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