1. 17 Jun, 2015 7 commits
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      Removed the non const accessor of AttributeAssignment map. · 931929f1
      Yumin Yuan authored
      In Manager and EntityRef classes, there were non-const accessor to the entity-attributes assignment map, which could potenitally cause inconsistency of the map records in the manager and attribute if developers get hold of the map and modify it directly without going through Manager. By removing these non-const accessors, the developers have to go through the public api in manager to update the map so that we can ensure the map is consistent in the system.
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      Added a ui widget for select attribute definition and its items. · 967dbc9d
      Yumin Yuan authored
      This is part of the effort to add attribute visualization in cmb. The idea is to color the model entities by associated attributes, which can be filtered by their definition. Also user is allowed to pick certain item of the attribute to color entities by.
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      Removed code for adding Group field array in model source. · b30c05f0
      Yumin Yuan authored
      The code for adding Group field array is moved to another filter in cmb, vtkSMTKModelSourceFieldArrayFilter, which is also handling field arrays for entity-associated attributes. The reason for this change is when user creates or deletes a group, we shouldn't have to re-build the multiblock model source, all we need is to modify the field data array of the model source.
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      Refactor APIs for association between Entity and Attribute. · 9670c8d3
      Yumin Yuan authored
      Before this change, model manager had one and only one reference to an attribute system, so when we do entity assoication with attribute from different attribute system, such as model operators or simulation templates, we have to switch back and forth the attribute system of the model manager.
      This added extra burden for application to manage the logic for switching the system, also could cause hard-to-find bugs if the application logic is not properly handled. So we removed the reference to attribute system from model manager, and changed the association api to include the attributesystem. The manager stills contains the map of entity and its associations for easy access from smtk, but now the association api eliminate the ambiguilty of which attribute system to use.
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      Merge pull request #205 from BobObara/new_UI_Infrastructure · 1f967fd8
      Yumin Yuan authored
      ENH:New UI Infrastructure for Attributes
  2. 16 Jun, 2015 1 commit
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      ENH: QT View Changes · f715b686
      Bob Obara authored
      1. qtAttribute Basic Layout now takes in a flag to indicate if associations should be displayed (true for instanced views and false for attribute views
      2. Moved New, Copy, and Delete buttons for simple expressions and attribute views to be at the top of the widget
  3. 15 Jun, 2015 1 commit
  4. 09 Jun, 2015 1 commit
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      ENH:New UI Infrastructure for Attributes · 8294298c
      Bob Obara authored
      Allowing QTViews to take a more active role in creating the UI
      Plus some addiitonal clean-up
      1. Better matching SMTK Style of m_ and no getXXX methods
      2. Removed a bunch of unneeded qtItem creation methods in qtAttribute
      3. Added a basic layout method to qtAttribute
      4. Fixed memory leak when deleting qtAttribute - now uses a signal to
      determine if the object's widget is about to be deleted
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