1. 18 Feb, 2016 1 commit
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      Progress on a polygonal modeler. · f909bb60
      David Thompson authored
      New Modeling Kernel
      This commit adds a new modeling kernel based on
      It currently supports a very limited set of operations:
      + Creation a model.
      + Creation of model vertices.
      + Creation of model edges.
      Internally, an edge split operation is provided but not yet exposed.
      + Fix a bug in attribute association.
        Because model entity items in attributes may have a membership mask,
        calling `setValue()` does not guarantee that the association will
        occur. Return the proper boolean or infinite recursion will occur
        inside `Attribute::associateEntity()`.
      + Add a Python-callable variant of ImportJSON::ofLog.
      + Have `smtk.simple` hang on to operator results so that scripts can access them if they need to.
      + Fix error log printout in `smtk.simple` API.
      + Have python test `addToScene()` method return pipeline objects.
  3. 14 May, 2015 1 commit
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      Fix `PYTHONPATH` for VTK image tests. · 9ddaf7bc
      David Thompson authored
      SMTK currently requires a ParaView build directory, at least on
      Mac OS X, because ParaView does not install properly.
      Fix the `PYTHONPATH` for testing to include the `lib/site-packages`
      directory so that `import vtk` can work and image-based tests run.
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  5. 09 Feb, 2015 1 commit
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      Expose CGM's sweep helix op and fix bugs. · 41638f21
      David Thompson authored
      This branch includes initial support for helical sweeps,
      but be aware that only Cubit/ACIS support this kind of
      sweep; the CGM OpenCascade backend does not yet perform
      This also fixes a bug in `ModelEntityItem::appendValue()`.
      This bug causes issues when `Operator::associateEntity()` is
      called and the association has a minimum number of expected
      values; because there are not default UUID values, the first
      numberOfValues() entries are null UUIDs; the associated entity
      is appended to the end of this array, which leaves null values
      at the front of the array. So, even though it is slow, we must
      verify that existing slots for model entities are actually in use.
      Finally, this branch tweaks the smtk.simple API a little bit:
      * Add CreateCylinder to simple python API.
      * Solid modeling operations print the error
        log when an operation does not succeed.
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      Add more methods for bridge classes to use. · 2ff359c0
      David Thompson authored
      This makes it much easier for Bridge subclasses to create
      cell-use records with specified UUIDs. This should also
      improve (shiboken-generated) Python-wrapper code coverage.
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