1. 24 Jan, 2016 1 commit
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      Fix methods on Model to omit invalid entries. · 1415340a
      David Thompson authored
      Methods like `smtk::model::Model::cellsAs<T>()` and
      `smtk::model::Model::groupsAs<T>()` would append cursors
      that were invalid rather than omitting values not matching
      the container type. For example, calling `model->cellsAs<Edges>()`
      should only return cells owned by the model that are edges
      (as opposed to vertices, faces, or volumes).
      Without this patch, invalid `Edge` cursors were being inserted
      for each vertex, face, or volume in the model's set of cells.
  2. 21 Jan, 2016 1 commit
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      Fixes for toggling visibility of model and meshes. · 28701e9b
      Yumin Yuan authored
      When a model visibility is changed, if the model is a submodel of another model, we need to label the parent model to be modifed too. Also, when the visibility or color of a mesh being modified, the associated model needs to be labeled modified. This fixes ensures the client side of model manager still have property relationship of all entities and meshes.
  3. 11 Jan, 2016 6 commits
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  14. 30 Oct, 2015 2 commits
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      Fix bad argument order in test. · ef900206
      David Thompson authored
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      Progress on a polygonal modeler. · f909bb60
      David Thompson authored
      New Modeling Kernel
      This commit adds a new modeling kernel based on
      It currently supports a very limited set of operations:
      + Creation a model.
      + Creation of model vertices.
      + Creation of model edges.
      Internally, an edge split operation is provided but not yet exposed.
      + Fix a bug in attribute association.
        Because model entity items in attributes may have a membership mask,
        calling `setValue()` does not guarantee that the association will
        occur. Return the proper boolean or infinite recursion will occur
        inside `Attribute::associateEntity()`.
      + Add a Python-callable variant of ImportJSON::ofLog.
      + Have `smtk.simple` hang on to operator results so that scripts can access them if they need to.
      + Fix error log printout in `smtk.simple` API.
      + Have python test `addToScene()` method return pipeline objects.
  15. 26 Oct, 2015 1 commit
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      Generalize the Exodus session; add a SLAC reader. · bd395985
      David Thompson authored
      This changes the way datasets are referenced in the Exodus session
      so that the structure of the reader's output does not have to
      match the Exodus reader's convention. Instead of using handles
      that refer to specific blocks in an Exodus reader's output,
      reference the VTK datasets themselves.
      This also adds support for reading SLAC NetCDF files via VTK's reader.
      Finally, this fixes several SMTK issues and provides a new operator:
      + Provide a global operator to export model JSON ("export model json").
      + Fix `model::Manager::modelOwningEntity`.
      + Fix problems with the SetProperty operator.
      + Fix the Exodus reader test to prevent the image test from failing.
  16. 08 Oct, 2015 1 commit
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  22. 17 Jun, 2015 4 commits
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      Fix more variable shadow warnings · 8b5cc1a6
      Yumin Yuan authored
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      Update a python test for interface changes · f579e869
      Yumin Yuan authored
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      Removed the non const accessor of AttributeAssignment map. · 931929f1
      Yumin Yuan authored
      In Manager and EntityRef classes, there were non-const accessor to the entity-attributes assignment map, which could potenitally cause inconsistency of the map records in the manager and attribute if developers get hold of the map and modify it directly without going through Manager. By removing these non-const accessors, the developers have to go through the public api in manager to update the map so that we can ensure the map is consistent in the system.
    • Yumin Yuan's avatar
      Refactor APIs for association between Entity and Attribute. · 9670c8d3
      Yumin Yuan authored
      Before this change, model manager had one and only one reference to an attribute system, so when we do entity assoication with attribute from different attribute system, such as model operators or simulation templates, we have to switch back and forth the attribute system of the model manager.
      This added extra burden for application to manage the logic for switching the system, also could cause hard-to-find bugs if the application logic is not properly handled. So we removed the reference to attribute system from model manager, and changed the association api to include the attributesystem. The manager stills contains the map of entity and its associations for easy access from smtk, but now the association api eliminate the ambiguilty of which attribute system to use.
  23. 01 Jun, 2015 1 commit
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      Add a class to simplify logging of operations. · bb4446dd
      David Thompson authored
      This class watches a manager and records each Operator's
      invocation and result. Subclasses override 2 methods on
      it to log the result. The OperatorLog class may even be
      subclassed by Python classes.
  24. 27 May, 2015 1 commit
  25. 20 May, 2015 1 commit