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Fix cases where widget interaction did not update item values.

Also, properly avoid updating the item during interaction (drag)
events and properly signal modification to parent view.
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......@@ -243,22 +243,13 @@ void pqSMTKAttributeItemWidget::updateItemFromWidget()
m_p->m_state = Internal::State::UpdatingFromAttribute;
m_p->m_state = Internal::State::DoneUpdatingFromAttribute;
emit this->modified();
m_p->m_state = Internal::State::Idle;
void pqSMTKAttributeItemWidget::updateWidgetFromItem()
if (m_p->m_state == Internal::State::DoneUpdatingFromAttribute)
// This happens when updateItemFromWidget() causes a modification to the
// attribute, resulting in a Signal operation that triggers this method.
// We complete the update from widget to item by resetting the state to
// idle.
m_p->m_state = Internal::State::Idle;
if (m_p->m_state == Internal::State::Idle)
m_p->m_state = Internal::State::UpdatingFromUI;
......@@ -311,9 +302,19 @@ void pqSMTKAttributeItemWidget::updateItemData()
void pqSMTKAttributeItemWidget::ignoreWidgetValues()
m_p->m_state = Internal::State::Interacting;
void pqSMTKAttributeItemWidget::acceptWidgetValues()
if (m_p->m_state == Internal::State::Interacting)
m_p->m_state = Internal::State::Idle;
bool pqSMTKAttributeItemWidget::eventFilter(QObject* obj, QEvent* event)
......@@ -477,8 +478,9 @@ void pqSMTKAttributeItemWidget::createEditor()
m_p->m_pvwidget = pvwidget;
// When the user is done interacting with the widget, update the attribute values
QObject::connect(pvwidget, SIGNAL(startInteraction()), this, SLOT(ignoreWidgetValues()));
QObject::connect(pvwidget, SIGNAL(endInteraction()), this, SLOT(acceptWidgetValues()));
QObject::connect(pvwidget, SIGNAL(endInteraction()), this, SLOT(updateItemFromWidget()));
QObject::connect(pvwidget, SIGNAL(changeAvailable()), this, SLOT(updateItemFromWidget()));
// When the active view changes, move the widget to that view.
QObject::connect(&actives, SIGNAL(viewChanged(pqView*)), pvwidget, SLOT(setView(pqView*)));
......@@ -105,6 +105,7 @@ public slots:
protected slots:
void updateItemData() override;
virtual void ignoreWidgetValues();
virtual void acceptWidgetValues();
virtual void updateItemFromWidgetInternal() = 0;
virtual void updateWidgetFromItemInternal() {}
......@@ -37,11 +37,10 @@ class pqSMTKAttributeItemWidget::Internal
enum class State
Idle, //!< Widget is not being manipulated by attribute system or user
UpdatingFromUI, //!< Widget is being manipulated by user.
UpdatingFromAttribute, //!< Widget is being manipulated by attribute system.
DoneUpdatingFromAttribute, //!< Widget was manipulated by UI, resulting in a signal
//!< from attribute system.
Idle, //!< Widget is not being manipulated by attribute system or user.
UpdatingFromUI, //!< Widget was manipulated by user.
UpdatingFromAttribute, //!< Widget was manipulated by attribute system.
Interacting //!< Widget is being manipulated by user; do not update item yet.
Internal(smtk::attribute::ItemPtr itm, QWidget* p, smtk::extension::qtBaseView* bview,
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