Commit 8c7b7a13 authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel
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exodus: get a std::string from paths

On Windows, a boost::filesystem::path uses wchar_t which doesn't match
the type expected when using .c_str(). Instead, force it into a regular
string before use.
parent 9b07ad5a
......@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ smtk::model::OperatorResult ReadOperator::readExodus()
// Now iterate over the dataset and mark each block (leaf or not)
// with information needed by the session to determine how it should
// be presented.
MarkMeshInfo(modelOut, dim, path(filename).stem().c_str(), EXO_MODEL, -1);
MarkMeshInfo(modelOut, dim, path(filename).stem().string<std::string>().c_str(), EXO_MODEL, -1);
vtkMultiBlockDataSet* elemBlocks =
......@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@ smtk::model::OperatorResult ReadOperator::readSLAC()
modelOut->SetBlock(0, surfBlocks.GetPointer());
modelOut->SetBlock(1, voluBlocks.GetPointer());
MarkMeshInfo(modelOut.GetPointer(), 3, path(filename).stem().c_str(), EXO_MODEL, -1);
MarkMeshInfo(modelOut.GetPointer(), 3, path(filename).stem().string<std::string>().c_str(), EXO_MODEL, -1);
MarkSLACMeshWithChildren(surfBlocks.GetPointer(), 2, "surfaces", EXO_SIDE_SETS, EXO_SIDE_SET);
MarkSLACMeshWithChildren(voluBlocks.GetPointer(), 3, "volumes", EXO_BLOCKS, EXO_BLOCK);
......@@ -412,7 +412,7 @@ smtk::model::OperatorResult ReadOperator::readLabelMap()
modelOut->SetBlock(0, img.GetPointer());
MarkMeshInfo(modelOut.GetPointer(), imgDim, path(filename).stem().c_str(), EXO_MODEL, -1);
MarkMeshInfo(modelOut.GetPointer(), imgDim, path(filename).stem().string<std::string>().c_str(), EXO_MODEL, -1);
MarkMeshInfo(img.GetPointer(), imgDim, labelname.c_str(), EXO_LABEL_MAP, -1);
for (int i = 0; i < numLabels; ++i)
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