Commit 7c251973 authored by John Tourtellott's avatar John Tourtellott
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Fix memory allocation in Tessellation::extract()

Also removed a couple unused vars
parent 5e2a9f57
......@@ -273,7 +273,10 @@ void Tessellation::extract( const smtk::mesh::CellSet& cs,
this->m_connectivity.resize( connectivityLength );
this->m_cellLocations.resize( numberOfCells );
this->m_cellTypes.resize( numberOfPoints * 3 );
this->m_cellTypes.resize( numberOfCells );
//since the input PointSet can contain more points that the computed number,
//set numberOfPoints to the PointSet size.
numberOfPoints = ps.size();
this->m_points.resize( numberOfPoints * 3 );
smtk::mesh::PreAllocatedTessellation tess(&this->m_connectivity[0],
......@@ -400,8 +403,6 @@ void extractTessellation( const smtk::mesh::CellSet& cs,
//we now have to read in the points if requested
const std::size_t connLength = conn_index;
boost::int64_t* conn = tess.m_connectivity;
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