Commit 468c8e04 authored by Yumin Yuan's avatar Yumin Yuan
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Merge pull request #216 from yumin/multiline-text-bug

Fixed a UI bug when typing in multiline text box
parents 3c07cc67 0f5895c8
......@@ -1173,7 +1173,7 @@ void qtUIManager::onInputValueChanged(QObject* obj)
std::string val = smtk::dynamic_pointer_cast<StringItem>(rawitem->pointer())->value(elementIdx);
if(!(rawitem->isSet(elementIdx)) || val != editBox->text().toStdString())
if(!(rawitem->isSet(elementIdx)) || val != textBox->toPlainText().toStdString())
->setValue(elementIdx, textBox->toPlainText().toStdString());
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