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Add some new model-entity types.

The one needed for the polygon branch is the preview entity,
which is used to hold tessellation information for visual feedback
during a geometric operation.

+ Preview entities may be related to model and/or mesh entities;
+ they may have text notes attached to them to be shown on mouse-hover
  or in a list that is tied to rendering (so that brushing the list
  highlights the preview geometry and vice-versa);
+ they may be associated with attributes, but there is not a use case for this yet;
+ they may have properties associated with them indicating that one
  of several preview entities should be selected to disambiguate an
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......@@ -109,6 +109,9 @@ enum EntityTypeBits
MODEL_ENTITY = 0x00001000, //!< A bit indicating a (sub)model.
INSTANCE_ENTITY = 0x00002000, //!< A bit indicating an instance of model.
SESSION = 0x00004000, //!< A bit indicating a session.
PREVIEW_ENTITY = 0x00008000, //!< A bit indicating a geometric preview or construction entity.
CONCEPT_ENTITY = 0x00010000, //!< A bit indicating the entity is a conceptual entity (a class of objects that are abstract)
SURFACE_ENTITY = 0x00020000, //!< An algebraically-modeled geometric point locus
// Inherent property bits (arguably inappropriate as they could be hard to maintain):
COVER = 0x00100000, //!< The entity must have a relation indicating which cover(s) it participates in
PARTITION = 0x00200000, //!< The entity must have a relation indicating which partition(s) it participates in
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